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For matters concerning one of the teams please contact the team-leader.

For matters concerning interaction with the RoboCup organization, please contact the Dutch Regional RoboCup Committee.


Members of the Dutch Regional Committee

The Dutch Regional RoboCup Committee consists of a selection of active Dutch researchers in the RoboCup community. As described in the White Paper, one of their responsibilities is to promote the RoboCup initiative in the Netherlands. Please contact the chair for general questions concerning RoboCup in the Netherlands, he could redirect you to the Dutch expert on one of the many Leagues which together form the RoboCup initiative.

Chair Arnoud Visser Arnoud Visser
Universiteit van Amsterdam

Members René van de Molengraft
TU/e, Eindhoven

Tijn van der Zant
Universiteit Groningen

Pieter Jonker
TU Delft

Peter van Lith
RoboCup Junior


Other Regional Committees

The list of all Regional Committees can be found at the website of the RoboCup federation.


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Philips RoboCup Team

Photo: Tech United Eindhoven



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