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Dutch Robosoccer Teams

Middle Sized League

Tech United Eindhoven
Teamleader: Lotte de Koning, Eindhoven University of Technology

Teamleader: Jaap Vos, ASML

VDL Robot Sports

RIF Soccer Team
Fontys University of Apllied Sciences

Small Sized League

Small Size Holland
Saxion University of Applied Sciences

RoboTeam Twente
Teamleader: Ewoud Croll, University of Twente

Standard Platform League

Dutch Nao Team
Teamleader: Caitlin Lagrand, Universiteit van Amsterdam

RoboCup Junior

There are numerous Dutch Junior teams.
Please contact Stichting RoboCup Junior


Tech United Eindhoven
Teamleader: Janno Lunenburg, Eindhoven University of Technology


Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Teamleader: Karsten Vink


Other Dutch robot activities/events

Amazon Picking Challenge

Delft Robotics

Lego League

First Lego® League Benelux
Field Robot Event
Twente FIRA soccer team
TNO Robotcompetitie


Former Dutch Robosoccer Teams

Humanoid League

Dutch Robotics
Teamleader: Tomas de Boer, TU Delft


Tech United Eindhoven
Teamleader: Pieter van Zutven, Eindhoven University of Technology

Middle Sized League

Clockwork Orange
TU Delft / Universiteit van Amsterdam /Universiteit Utrecht
Teamleader: Pieter Jonker, TU Delft

Philips RoboCup Team
Teamleader: Henk van Gijn, Philips Applied Technologies

4 Legged League

Dutch AIBO Team
Teamleader: Arnoud Visser, Universiteit van Amsterdam

The Cat
Teamleader: Erik Scheffers, Eindhoven University of Technology



BORG / Radical Dudes
Groningen University
Teamleader: Tijn van der Zant


Dutch Robotics
Teamleader: Maja Rudinac, TU Delft


Universiteit van Amsterdam


University Maastricht
Teamleader: Karl Tuyls


Rescue Simulation League

UvA ResQ ,Amsterdam Oxford Joint Rescue Forces
Universiteit van Amsterdam / Oxford University
Teamleader: Arnoud Visser, Universiteit van Amsterdam


Banzai Utrecht
University Utrecht

3D Simulation League

Little Green Bats
Teamleader: Mart van de Sanden, University of Groningen


2D Simulation League

UvA Trilearn
Teamleader: Jelle Kok, Universiteit van Amsterdam


Windmill Wanderers
Universiteit van Amsterdam




Tech United @ Home

Tech United @ Home, Joao Pessoa 2014


Dutch Aibo Team

Dutch Nao Team, Istanbul 2011


Tech United

Tech United, German Open Hannover 2009


Dutch Aibo Team

Dutch Aibo Team receives Third Prize (Technical Challenge) at RoboCup 2006i
in Bremen, Germany
Photo by Jürgen Sturm

Dutch Robotics

Dutch Robotics - robot assembly at 3ME, TU Delft.
Photo by Pieter Gebraad



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