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Dutch RoboSoccer Team, called ``Clockwork Orange'' is a Dutch research project in which 3 universities participate: the University of Amsterdam, the Technical University of Delft, and University Utrecht. In this research project we study multi agent systems in general and multi robot systems in particular.

Multi Agent Systems (MAS) will play an important role in the future. Thereare many real-world problems involving multiple interacting agents, such as traffic control, public safety, pollution detection, fire fighting etc. Real world agents should cooperate together to come up with an optimal sensing and acting strategy. RoboCup Soccer provides us with a challenging environment for doing novel research in Multi-robot systems.

First of all, the robot agents should be able to gather sensor information using camera's, laser range finders, and sonar sensors, and integrate the information about the world using communication and sensor data fusion. Furthermore, the robot agents should be provided with local intelligence, creating a distributed team in which team roles can be used for coordinating the team behavior. Such a team should be robust in case one of the team members is malfunctioning. The RoboSoccer environment also allows for learning strategies against a particular opponent, offering research possibilities for opponent modelling and machine learning.